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Photo Gallery and a short Overview of Kapelo’s Quest (Page 5)


          12.1                     12.2                      12.3                     12.4                     12.5                     12.6                      12.7

With Ayanda’s input, Kapelo manages to foil unscrupulous intentions [Chapter 12]. When the young companions are free to move on, they traverse undulating plains dotted by hills and mainly acacia trees (12.1). When a herd of elephant (12.2) crosses their path, Masilo protectively stops Ayanda from courting danger by running away in fright when a young elephant bull (12.3) momentarily charges forward in a show of bravado.

Mashiwane points out a cheetah (12.4) and a wide-mouthed rhino with its youngster (12.5), as well as kudu antelopes (12.6). Ayanda admires the noble look of the male kudu (12.7), whilst in contrast, the hunter instinct in Masilo moves to the fore.


           13.1                    13.2                    13.3                      13.4                     13.5                    13.6                   13.7

Late at night, Kapelo hears a voice instructing him to follow. Not hesitant to comply, Kapelo ends up experiencing a draught turning into a storm-like force, which sucks him forward and right through a funnel-shaped entrance (13.1). Inside an enormous cave, his sight slowly adjusts to a strange glow (13.2) whilst he becomes aware that he is surrounded by fabulously looking drip-stone formations (13.3). A lone bat flutters passed him before it settles amongst a colony hanging down from a dry part of the ceiling (13.4), and Kapelo realises that the cute-looking bat was the one calling him. He knows that these bats are fruit-eaters, and that they are also called ‘flying fox’. The innocence of the moment is suddenly interrupted by a mind-chilling scream [Chapter 13].

Once darkness makes way for light – gloom opposed to radiance (13.5) – Kapelo is confused. His thoughts are rudely interrupted when in a forest, he and his three travel companions are suddenly surrounded by figures dressed in loincloths made from leaves instead of hides, with each wearing a mask (13.6) to hide their identity. Without saying a word or making a single noise, yet appearing threatening in a weirdly tacit way, they lead the companions out of the forest to a village with traditional huts (13.7), surrounded by familiar acacia trees and exotic-looking palms (13.8). Kapelo depicts that once again, sinister forces are at play.


         13.8                14.1                  14.2                                             15.1                          15.2                     15.3

To their surprise, nobody stops the four companions when they emerge from the hut specifically designated to them. In accordance to what Kapelo managed to determine with the assistance of benevolent spirits, the companions decide to honour an age-old practice to remain silent. In passing, Kapelo reaches out to taste the fruit from an unfamiliar plant (14.1). Whilst exploring their new surroundings (14.2) in silence, they are confronted by first his wife and then the shaman of the settlement. Kapelo learns why the prophecy of an oracle resulted in a pact of silence [Chapter 14]. A strange roar reverberates across the village, and the companions come face to face with a most peculiar-looking chief. 

In his role as a sangoma, Kapelo is challenged by the chief. Kapelo decides it's time to use the tools of his profession (15.1) to determine what the future holds. He looks around for a traditional shield (15.2) to use as a relatively flat surface on which the chief can throw the divining bones and stones, so that Kapelo can interpret the pattern they form [Chapter 15]. The mystery behind the oracle is exposed by an astute Masilo, whilst Mashiwane inspects the cave in which the oracle was supposed to reside, which he finds is neither deep nor wide (15.3). Without jeopardising their safety, can Kapelo convince everybody that the chief is an impostor and abusing his position?    

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