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Photo Gallery and a short Overview of Kapelo’s Quest (Page 3)


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The rising sun is overshadowed by large looming clouds (4.1), a sure sign that a storm is brewing. Whilst glancing around in the hope of finding a shelter (4.2), Kapelo believes that if he and his travel companions effectively communicate and support each other, they will form a similar, formidable unit against adversity as a pride of lion (4.3) symbolises. Assisted by her supernatural power, Ayanda directs them to a termite hill (4.4) with a burrow, whilst more of these around represent a way of escape from the looming storm. At the entrance to the burrow they find a few discarded quills from a porcupine (4.5), but to their relief, this mainly nocturnal animal is not in residence. Once safely inside a burrow, Kapelo remembers hearing that a mysterious region exists in the bowels of the earth. Who is the ethereal being accompanying Kapelo to the underworld [Chapter 4], where he thinks everything is excessively green (4.6)?

After the storm and hardly back on their feet, Ayanda experiences a premonition. “Buffalo!” (4.7) she cries out. She hastily leads them to a row of yellowish-green-stemmed acacia trees (4.8). Is her ability to foresee danger able to save them?


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To augment their food supply, Masilo suggests that they go hunting for a kudu (4.9). They plan to cut the meat into strips, which they want to wind-dry for consumption in future, instead of hunting regularly for fresh meat. They set up a temporary base-camp at the foot of a hill (4.10), where bushes with long thorns (4.11) represent the spikes on which the strips of meat can dry.

Since the strips of seasoned meat are spiked on the long thorns and they have time on their hands whilst waiting for the meat to dry, Kapelo decides to explore the environment whilst his companions simply laze around. To his amusement, a honey-guide leads him to an old decaying tree-trunk, where he finds that a honey-badger (5.1) has pre-empted him. Kapelo decides not to disturb the fierce little fighter and to return later for some delicious honey-comb. Further along, he detects a cluster of trees (5.2) – possibly a sacred burial ground? When he hears the sound of music, Kapelo feels compelled to discover what lies hidden from view [Chapter 5].

Feeling dazed, Kapelo eventually returns to the tree trunk, where he detects a gaping hole in the trunk (5.3). Why does it appear as if someone has made a special effort to tidy and prepare the hollow just for him? Kapelo finds some wood-caps, known as edible mushrooms (5.4), which together with some dripping honey from the by now deserted comb, represents his meal before night settles in. Whilst having a feast, Kapelo admires the colouring of the sky (5.5), which the sun left in its wake – heralding the commencement of an entirely different existence!


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Kapelo finds an empty tortoise shell he is accustomed to use as an eating or cooking vessel. He wonders if the tortoise possibly lost its life as the result of a playful lion cub. Kapelo remembers watching once how a young lion turned a tortoise on its back (5.6), a position from which the tortoise wasn’t able to turn around on its own. Scooping as much honeycomb as the shell can hold from the decaying tree trunk (5.7), Kapelo turns to surprise his companions with the delicious treat. Along the way, Kapelo recounts the mythical encounters he experienced the day before and during the night, when he hears a loud voice reprimanding him to concentrate and focus instead on what lies ahead. When Kapelo looks around to determine who is speaking to him, all he detects is a dung beetle, rolling along its ball of manure (5.8). Surely this tiny creature isn't the one talking to him in such a booming voice?

The moment Kapelo returns to their base-camp, he realises that something unusual must have transpired because his companions look nervous. They eventually explain that Masilo challenged Ayanda about the extent of her supernatural power. By way of a demonstration, Ayanda cast a spell on a gecko (6.1), which sets in motion a startling series of events [Chapter 6]. When Ayanda also reveals that she saw in her mind’s eye how Kapelo came running from a cluster of trees the day before, he asks her if she also had heard an ogre roaring from the direction of a hill behind the cluster of trees (6.2).                                                                        NEXT PAGE - 4