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Synopsis – Kapelo’s Quest 

A Fable for Teenagers OR Adults 'young at heart'


An African Odyssey, where magic and mystery are part of everyday life – compelling the main character, Kapelo, to make sense of what is reality and what appears to be illusionary. On his journey of discovery, Kapelo traverses between African nature unfolding around him, a world steeped in traditional taboos and a mythical existence. As he learns to come to terms with his extra-ordinary ability of divination, the spirits of the ancestors – usually in the form of reincarnated creatures – provide guidance. He follows his quest in the company of two young outcasts, the identical twins Masilo and Mashiwane, as well as the run-away, Ayanda, who is blessed with supernatural powers. At the same time, three ethereal beings sporadically mesmerise Kapelo whilst introducing him to a transitional lifestyle. These encounters eventually assist Kapelo to understand the importance of leading an exemplary lifestyle, on which the traditional practice of paying tribute to the ancestors is based, as well as distinguishing the fine line between honouring the ancestors and worshipping them. Often though, his attempt at clarity is thwarted by hostile forces at play.